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Pipelife International Holding GmbH

The leading worldwide producer and provider of plastic pipeline systems represented in 26 countries of Europe, Northern America and Asia.

Izostal S.A.

The company offering pipeline insulation:

  • LAYTEC® internal insulation– according to the API RP 5L2, PN-EN 10301 standard
  • Three layer polyethylene insulation – 3LPE to the DIN 3067 standard
  • Three layer polyethylene insulation – 3LPP to the DIN 30678 standard
  • One layer epoxy insulation– FBE to the DIN 30671 standar


Fusion Provida

The leading worldwide producer of electrofusion fittings used to couple polyethylene pipelines.

These electrofusion fittings were approved by SPP a. s. for uses with natural gas.

Anvil® International

With more than 150 years of history in the area of pipeline distribution systems, the company is known on the European market especially because of the product named Gruvlok which used to couple grooved pipelines.

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